Saturday, July 30, 2011

Taking the Plunge

When I was pregnant with Adam, I gained a whopping fifty pounds.  My weight gain wasn't really on track throughout my pregnancy; I was able to wear my regular jeans until I was almost six months pregnant and then right at the six month mark my weight just went nuts.  This may have had something to do with my eating habits, as I distinctly remember eating an entire container of iced chocolate brownies with ice cream.  I was crazy for potatoes in the beginning of my pregnancy but toward the middle to the end all I wanted was sweets.  Hot fudge brownie sundaes to be precise.  With my pregnancy with Adam, I had no issue whatsoever eating for two.  By the end of my pregnancy, my belly was so huge that it skewed my perception of the rest of my body.  I'd look in the mirror and say, "Wow, I'm all belly!"  I couldn't see that my thighs had also gotten pregnant because they looked so small next to my belly.  Now in all fairness, I was A LOT of belly but definitely not ALL belly. There was no way that all fifty pounds of glory was all belly.

35 weeks pregnantHoly shit.
When that time came when I could no longer button my jeans, I still wasn't ready to buy maternity clothes.  Instead, I would hit up the local Discovery for some new low quality threads.  I found that buying jeans in a size two or three larger than what I currently wore did the trick for a while.  Were they flattering?  Hell no.  The thighs (even though mine were large) were baggy and the ass sagged.  As far as shirts, luckily my pregnancy was at the time where the empire waist was all the rage, so I bought regular shirts and wore tank tops underneath.  It's safe to say I looked like a frumpy hot mess in denial.  Now to defend the frump, the maternity clothes at that time were not designed with any kind of flattery or style in mind.  Especially not for a twenty year old.  They were fugly.  The only exception was "boutique" maternity stores, where you'd pay upwards of $120 for jeans and at least $70 for a shirt.  With three to four month left in my pregnancy, I couldn't justify spending that kind of money (when I could be using it for cake).  I noticed last summer that maternity clothes were actually getting cute.  I would be in Target and saunter by and a pretty top would catch my attention---SURPRISE, it's maternity.  I would then tell whoever was with me (see: Adam) that maternity clothes are "soooooo much cuter now."

Fast forward to now:  I'm about four-and-a-half months pregnant and even though I've only gained four pounds, my belly is starting to pop and it's quite firm, so there is no mistaking that I'm pregnant.  I have been extremely conscious of what I have been eating and have been making healthier choices so that I don't get myself into the situation I was in before (see: fat).  I can still fit into my regular jeans, but because the cut is higher than the ones I was wearing when I was nineteen (see: my ass crack doesn't show when I bend over), they're just not that comfortable.  It's time for some maternity clothes.  I am actually really excited about it because I've been circulating between the same few pairs of shorts for the last two weeks and I saw some genuinely cute pieces at Target (see: not a shit ton of money).  My endeavor for the day is to find a couple things that will last me until the weather gets all shit balls cold.

Let's just pray that I don't go all demented and end up at Discovery again.  Unless I'm shutting the place down.

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  1. Sam, you make me laugh! Love the way you write. Good luck with the clothes search! <3