Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Reign of Terror

Today I woke up in all sorts of bedlam.  So far, the first sixteen weeks of this pregnancy have been horrendous.  (Note: I am sixteen weeks pregnant).  However, when I awoke to the sweet sound of my child Van Damme-ing the door open, I realized I was in for it.  As I sat up to start my day of chasing Florence Griffith-Joyner, my nose started bleeding.  I made a dash (see: stumble) to my bathroom and it was then that my joyous morning sickness (see: ALL THE DAMN TIME) decided to come.  My child, who happens to be going through the "Twenty-One Questions" stage of development, started firing off his inquiries, only adding insult to injury.  Once the happenings started to subside, I was instantly greeted with a tension headache from the bowels of hell.  My morning sucked.  Luckily, yesterday we invested in a reclining chair (something I have always wanted) so I was able to park my ass in that lap of luxury while child 1.0 had some breakfast.  Child 2.0 has made up for the fact child 1.0 was so easy and it's not even born yet.  After trying unsuccessfully to mend myself, I knew there was only one thing that could make me feel better: Grande Mocha Coconut Frappuccino .  However, $4.94 later my head is still aching and I'm thanking the Napping Gods that child 1.0 loves to sleep for hours at a time.  Someone once said it's supposed to ease up soon...but someone else once said they went into labor at 39 weeks and still had morning sickness. 

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